utilities & services

www.billag.ch (radio & tv) www.iwb.ch (energy & water) (German only) www.ebm.ch (energy) city cleaning www.upc.ch (internet & phone) www.swisscom.ch (internet & phone)


www.bvb.ch (Basel City & Area transportation) www.blt.ch (Basel-area transportation) www.bpg.ch (Basler River Boats) (German only) www.regio-s-bahn.de (German only) www.sbb.ch (Swiss Railway)


www.manor.ch (department store) www.leshop.ch (groceries) www.americangoodies.co.uk www.allforkids.ch (children & family) www.coop.ch (grocery store chain) (German, French, Italian) www.fleurop.ch (flowers) www.britshop.ch (British food products)


www.caninecarriers.com (bring your pet abroad)

leisure & culture

www.abg.ch (Basel library) www.theater-basel.ch (Basel theater) www.jublabasel.ch (Basel youth association) www.events.ch (concerts and events) www.ticketcorner.ch (events, concerts, ski tickets) www.paddys.ch (Irish pub) www.museenbasel.ch (Basel museums) www.ricksteves.com (Europe tours) www.savoyards.ch (The Gilbert & Sullivan Society)

information for expats

www.baselexpats.com (Expats in Basel) www.xpatxchange.ch (Expats in Switzerland) Yahoo Group: Expat mothers in Switzerland American Women’s Club of Basel www.centrepoint.ch (local club for social activities in Basel) Professional Women’s Group of Basel www.baselconnect.ch (Events for expats and Basel natives) www.theenglishshow.com … Read More


www.homegate.ch (rent or buy property) www.immoclick.ch (rent a home) (German only) www.alle-immobilien.ch (properties to rent) www.aaa-fh.com (furnished flats)

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